33 Lions saved from illegal circuses in South America sent to South Africa via largest big cat airlift ever


Instead of being sent to illegal circuses stationed in South America, particularly Peru and Colombia, 33 lions, thankfully to some extraordinary efforts by the Animal Defenders International (ADI), were rescued and carried out safely to South Africa-and will finally receive a proper treatment after years of suffering.

Despite the horrific conditions they were put through, such as lack of sunlight, they are now alive and well. Apparently, Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in Vaalwater, stationed in South Africa, will take care of the lions from now on. To accomplish this rescuing task, the largest big cat airlift in the history of mankind was arranged.

Even though they won’t breed till the rest of their lives, the sanctuary is a place where they’ll be far away from trouble. This place will harbor, feed, and keep them away from their natural environment, because, unfortunately, they are not adjusted to it due to their previous bad treatment.

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