An earpiece saves you a lot of trouble talking and listening to foreigners


In near future, some of what we think of as science fiction, can become real and at our disposal. The Pilot, a perceptive earpiece, could be able to convert foreign terms from the language they are spoken in originally, into our language, so we wouldn’t need a translator, or doing gestures with our hands and look ridiculous.

The better thing about this earpiece is, your mother tongue is not the only one you can translate foreign words. You might be able to hear how some phrases sound on Portuguese, for example, if the speaker talks that language, compared to German, Italian, et cetera. So, if you don’t have the time or resources to take classes learning other languages, this thing might be the right solution for you.

This little wonder thing doesn’t need the Internet to do its noble work, so you’d be spared from searching a wi-fi area in a foreign country, every time you want to use it. Basically, as long as you can hear a person says something soundly enough so the earpiece would be able to detect it, its function would be alive and well. The earpiece co-exists with an app, and thanks to this, the converting words can be effectively executed.

For the start, as claimed by Waverly Labs, creators of the earpiece, English will be certainly supported, along with some of the Germanic, and Latin group of languages, so a solid number of words would be covered, but if the language you speak is not in one of above mentioned groups, don’t worry. There will be other language packets which you can buy and download.

If this earpiece along with the app destiny is to come out on the market, the earliest release date for this invention is expected to be in the spring of 2017, and it would cost 299 dollars.

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