Breaking Bad reunion caused by Bryan Cranston’s Super Sweet 60


Turning sixteen comes with a big celebration party. If sixteenth birthday is followed by a great party what happens when someone turns sixty?

Turning sixty is an even bigger deal. Our proof is Bryan Cranston’s video “My Super Sweet 60”.

Yesterday the Emmy magnet Bryan Cranston received elaborate celebration of his birthday. His real birthday was back in March, but just a day ago he got a proper celebration on the Friday’s installment of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Bryan Cranston decided to share the happiness caused by his birthday, so he created one hilarious 16 minute long video. In the video he is acting as an elder who is hungry for party.

In this episode of “My Super Sweet 60”, Bryan lives with his parents, where he argues with them about his upcoming party. The video is enriched with the act of the Breaking Bad crew and Jimmy Kimmel as a party planner.

Check the 16 minute where Bryan Cranston acts like a sixteen years old teenager for his 60th birthday.

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