Dutch design studio with a creative idea for Rotterdam’s 75th anniversary


MVRDV, evidently an inventive design studio, bring into being this scaffolding staircase, having a number of 180 steps on its count. Rotterdam was reconstructed after the World War II, so this idea’s origin comes from its 75th anniversary after being rebuilt. The steps lead to the top of Groothandelsgebouw, a profound building in the city center.

This attraction is recently opened for public, but make no mistake, it will not be here forever! Seemingly, it will last until the 12th of June, Sunday. Having that in fact, you might hurry to arrive there in time. You have 12 hours (10AM-10PM) in the day to visit it, so in that way you’re comfortable. Also, be prepared for this physical challenge, of course, if you are keen to sense this giant in its true form, and get on the very top of it! 8000 people went there at the very first day.

Happy rebuilding anniversary, Rotterdam!


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