6 Shocking Images of Former Ukranian President’s Estate Worth $75 Million. Can You Say, “Corrupt?”

Gold lined ukranian dining room cost 2.3 million dollars

If you’re not aware of the recent political happenings in Ukraine, I suggest you start paying attention to global news. I’ve included a brief back story to explain why it’s odd that the former president has such a mega mansion.

What’s Going on in Ukraine? A Brief Overview.

Over the past few months there has been an uprising in Ukraine that started in November 2013 with the outrage from citizens after president Viktor Yanukovich refused to sign trade agreements with the European Union.

Protests continued through the end of the year and into January when Yanukovich and his administration passed laws in Parliament for aggressive repression of the protests.

On the 18th of February Russia released another $2 Billion to Ukraine, part of a $15 Billion loan which was agreed upon in December of 2013. This sparked further outrage within the country and more protests.

The aggressive approach to protester disbursement by the government ultimately resulted many civilian protester deaths. The definite death toll is still not known but this list contains victims whom have been confirmed and identified. Needless to say, if there are over 80 confirmed deaths, we can be sure there are at least a few more. Of course, we hope that’s not the case.

a before and after picture of Keiv's Independence Square

So What’s the Deal With this Super Nice Estate?

Well, Ukraine has been getting lots of subsidies from Russia and other foreign countries in the past few years. Meaning, the country has been having financial troubles.

However, the president  of the country seems to have been doing quite well. People have estimated that, based on documents found in the house, the former Ukranian president’s estate is worth $75 Million.

The extravagance at the estate shows that there may have been some siphoning of cash along the line somewhere. Keep in mind, Yanukovich was a transportation executive during the days of the Soviet Union and prior to his political career, which began around 1996. So, there’s a good chance he had quite a bit of cash to begin with.

Ukraine mansion 75 million in stolen government money

Nice landscaping. The bridge looks pretty nice. Labor is cheap in Ukraine though, right?


Gold lined ukranian dining room cost 2.3 million dollars


Documents found in the residence tallied this dining room at a cost of $2.3 Million.

golfing on the golf course on the grounds of former Ukranian president Viktor Yanukovich

Some protesters had fun playing golf on the greens at the former presidents’ estate.

Gold driver belonged to Ukraine former president Viktor Yanukovich

A protester shows off the golden driver found in the former presidents golf bag.

ostrich's on display in Ukraine former president house

Every president needs a good flock of ostrich’s for their protection.

private boat on Ukraine former presidents 75 million dollar estates grounds

Is this a ship? I really don’t know the purpose of this floating barge but it looks expensive.

Make your own mind about former president Yanukovich. We’ll see what comes of this man and the country he ‘served’ in the next years to come. We wish Ukraine the best.

What do you think of the Ukranian uprising? Too violent? Were the protesters in the right? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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