Easiest Way to Find Your Perfect Movie

Man searching google

At least once we’ve all got ourselves in a situation where we waste more time looking for an excellent movie than the movie lasts. There are many solutions for this phenomenon, and you can find variety of them on the internet. Search Google, IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes and you may find yourself lucky enough to find […]

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Harvard Professor Wanted To Sue Chinese Restaurant Over $4


Ben Edelman teaches couple of classes including the Negotiation, Organizations & Markets unit of Harvard Business School. This was not a reason to go bullocks after he received a receipt from a Chinese restaurant that was $4 higher that he supposed. The problem first appeared when Edelman received a $57.35 receipt instead of $53.75 as he expected because […]

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Hilarious Muppets Tarantino Mashup


There were couple of Muppets mashups in the past that were moderately funny like the Hip Hop Hooray episode and the Beastie Boys rap session, but this one is truly something special. Watch Kermit the frog and his friends take a part in the recreation of some of the best scenes from cult Tarantino movies. […]

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