Pearls looking like planets for the lovers of the Solar Orbit


Maybe you want to wear a necklace but an ordinary one does not satisfy your need of utilizing creativity. That one alone, and plus, if you’re curious about the planets and you just love everything connected to them, this necklace might be something you’d be interested in.

The material these new kind of pearls are made of is semi-expensive stones. There’s even place for Pluto, the former planet, which you’ve must heard, sadly, that it was excluded from the elite company a few years ago.

Also, on this Solar system Necklace you can find the asteroid zone established in the space separating Mars and Jupiter, plus a charm in the form of a comet. Each planet is made from different kind of material responding to their unique looks. Now everyone can buy this interesting type of pendant on Thinkgeek. So, all the We-are-not-alone quote devotees, get yourself one of these and put it on your neck!

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