Poor Cat Survived an attack, and first thing it did was checking on the last spot of her little ones


A sad but inspiring story has recently happened in Australia. A mother cat was severely assaulted by a human after founding itself on his property. Apparently, the poor cat was grasped by the man and tossed ruthlessly into a trailer, so it is expected that this animal cannot survive such situation.

Luckily, cat’s little ones were found, and taken care of after being saved by an animal rescue crew.

But, the day after the horrific event, the trashed cat did the unexpected and got up with its last atoms of power. Of course, even in such surroundings, the motherly instinct appeared first. Even though, crushed, the mother managed to crawl back to the last place she knew its heirs were left.

RSPCA took the injured cat to her babies and even though it will be disabled for the rest of its life, Princess (how they recently named it), will be taken care of by Dee Walton, the owner of Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue. The poor cat will maybe spend the rest of its life in a wheelchair. The attacker responsible is arrested.

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