US Snowboarders Crash At Finish Line In A Photo Finish. Must See Close Up!

snowboard cross olympics close finis at the line

Today we had a great example of what excitement Snowboard Cross can bring us.

With only one spot left in the finals of the Olympic men’s snowboard cross, U.S. racers Alex Deibold and Trevor Jacobs came plundering into the finish line for a remarkable snapshot.

Keep in mind this is the semifinal heat. Only the top three finishers advanced to the final. So, pretty much everything is on the line for these guys.

Just when it looked like Jacobs was going to slide through in a normal fashion, he swooped, and bailed. Simultaneously, Deibold dove for the line, his board came out from under him, and he came to the finish on his backside.

This is really cool finish and a fantastic look at the sport of Snowboard cross. Especially since Deibold goes on to get Bronze in the Final!

Check out the close up pictures for a good look at the finish:


Here’s a couple GIF’s for a good angle:Olympic Snowboarders Crash At Finish Line

olympic snowboard-cross-crash


Deibold gets bronze in the Final:

alex-deibold wins bronze snowboard cross in final

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