Terrify your cat with a cucumber


Who doesn’t love joking and playing with his pet?

Maybe joking with your pet is sometimes vicious but it’s always fun. If you are keeping a cat as a pet, you should try the Cucumber trick.

Although some of the cats are not reacting to the clandestinely placed vegetable, others are leaping into the air, terrified from the vegetable intruder.

The weird behavior of cats facing the unexpected cucumber is a result of their natural defensive impulse. They are experiencing the vegetable as a potential predator. It is possible that they are associating the green invader with a snake which can be a deadly predator.

The experts are advising against trying the cucumber trick at home because it is inappropriate to stress your pet without a good reason.

Inappropriate or not in the last few months were filmed a bunch of hilarious videos where cats were being toyed with a cucumber.

Check the video compilation: cats scared of cucumber…

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