Two collapsed holes made the existence of World’s biggest cave possible


After the Vietnamese government made a soundly exploration of the caves in the country back in 2014, there were more-or-less, 900 receivers of permission licenses for hosting footage through the caves.

The Vietnamese name of the largest cave on planet Earth is “Hang Son Doong”, which translated in English means “Mountain River Cave”, and is found in Phong Nha-Ke Bàng National Park in Vietnam. Apparently, daylight in this cave comes through two fallen sinkholes, and thankfully to those, “Hang Son Doong” also contains two different forests growing inside.

This is a very rare case for the cave recessing under earth’s surface. Because of the great size, the main chamber in this cave even has its own climate formed inside, and allegedly, this may lead to creating clouds in the very cavern!

On top of all, Hang Son Doong cave is the “owner” of the 80 meters tall stalagmites, reportedly some of the world’s tallest. Imagine a little rock, growing helped by falling water drops containing chemicals becoming that great over the years.

It is reported that the size of the main chamber by itself is longer than 5 kilometers, higher than 200m and wide around 150m.








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