You think it’s hard working with people? Try working with pandas


When you are working with people, you can always rage toward them or explain the situation. Most likely it will have positive outcome, or at least you’re going to blow off some steam. Working with pandas should make your job unusually sweet and fun.

I don’t think that the woman in this video will agree with us.

The hilarious video that seems to be taken in some Zoo is showing us a worker that has a big time problem when it comes to cleaning a panda’s cage. A cleaning job shouldn’t be psychologically hard, but in this case I kind of feel sorry for this woman.

As she tries to clean their cage, the lovely but troublesome pandas are finding ways to make her job impossible. They are so sweet and innocent that is impossible to angry toward them. The video is hilarious and the pandas are looking really sweet, but how does the cleaning staff feel?

Check on how is it to work with pandas by watching the video bellow.

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