You’re Not Sade, But You Can Be Working As A Real Life Mermaid


You think you know all possible professions? If you think you do, you’re wrong. Show business is always coming up with fantastic professions and with this job they sure took it to another level. Imagine working as a professional mermaid.

To be professional mermaid takes effort. Keeping their appearance, using mermaid makeup and staying in shape on a daily basis is not easy. The professional mermaids are taking their job seriously. They see this as a way of life. For some of them, this is a dream job. Some of the girls who are into this profession are experiencing it as a wish from the childhood coming true.

There is a school where girls are trained to be professional mermaids. Mermaid schools exist in Montreal and Toronto.

If you haven’t found your dream job and as a child you had a wish to become a mermaid, you should try it.

Check what does it means to be a professional mermaid in the video below.

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